Top Five Places to Exercise Around Winona

April 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Trail Around Winona's West Lake

Trail Around Winona's West Lake

The snow has melted and spring is beginning to bloom with temperatures rising and the sun shinning bright. If you don’t want to be cooped up inside doing the same old thing running on the treadmill and want some variety of scenery, try these awesome spots to exercise. All of these local locations will show the picturesque nature and charming wildlife while soaking up some sun in the beautiful Winona.

1. Winona East Lake (About 4.0 miles)
2. Winona West Lake (About 1.3 miles)
3. Prairie Island Campground (About 3.4 miles)
4. Garvin Heights (About 5 miles)
5. St. Mary’s Campus (About 1.0 miles to 5.8 miles)

The Winona Lakes have beautiful views of the bluffs, some of the city and of course, the lake. This is nice because there are paved trails around the lake. Running from Kryzsko Commons across the bridge to Prairie Island Campground is a little more challenging with a few slightly sloped hills. If you are looking for a more challenging route, try going up Garvin Heights Road up to the Overlook. There are some beastly hills up to Garvin Heights. St. Mary’s University is also a great place to run because there are five trails to explore around that campus. If you are interested in running these routes, as well as many more around town, some maps of all the trails are provided at the Winona Visitor Center located in Huff Street between the Winona Lakes.

Chelsea Devereux


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