Flu Shot Clinic

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Flu Shot Clinic

Did you know that the best way to protect yourself against the seasonal flu is to get vaccinated yearly? Well, it’s true!

It is important to get vaccinated every year because the vaccines can change on a yearly basis. Since there are many types and strains of viruses which cause the flu, the formulas for the vaccines change every year to help protect against the three strains that are expected to be the most common for that season, as determined by extensive research. It is also important to get vaccinated as soon as possible, since it can take up to two weeks for your body to start forming antibodies.

The Flu Shot Clinic is your chance to protect yourself against the flu for the 2011-12 flu season.

For more information on flu vaccines and why they are important, check out the CDC’s information on seasonal influenza.

– Rebecca Lutz


Top Five Places to Exercise Around Winona

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Trail Around Winona's West Lake

Trail Around Winona's West Lake

The snow has melted and spring is beginning to bloom with temperatures rising and the sun shinning bright. If you don’t want to be cooped up inside doing the same old thing running on the treadmill and want some variety of scenery, try these awesome spots to exercise. All of these local locations will show the picturesque nature and charming wildlife while soaking up some sun in the beautiful Winona.

1. Winona East Lake (About 4.0 miles)
2. Winona West Lake (About 1.3 miles)
3. Prairie Island Campground (About 3.4 miles)
4. Garvin Heights (About 5 miles)
5. St. Mary’s Campus (About 1.0 miles to 5.8 miles)

The Winona Lakes have beautiful views of the bluffs, some of the city and of course, the lake. This is nice because there are paved trails around the lake. Running from Kryzsko Commons across the bridge to Prairie Island Campground is a little more challenging with a few slightly sloped hills. If you are looking for a more challenging route, try going up Garvin Heights Road up to the Overlook. There are some beastly hills up to Garvin Heights. St. Mary’s University is also a great place to run because there are five trails to explore around that campus. If you are interested in running these routes, as well as many more around town, some maps of all the trails are provided at the Winona Visitor Center located in Huff Street between the Winona Lakes.

Chelsea Devereux

Warriors in the Kitchen – Power Shake

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Learn what WSU mascot Wazoo drinks to stay energized on the field in this week’s Warriors in the Kitchen.

This weeks episode was filmed in Maria Hall on West Campus.

25 stress busters — just in time for finals week

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I know you’re feeling it. The tension of finals is in the air from students in the Smaug cramming in dinner while studying to those in the library pulling at their hair trying to figure out how they’ll get it all done! Refer to this “emergency use only” list on those days you find extra challenging or stressful. Select just one item from the list and try it. What can it hurt? Besides maybe lowering your stress levels.
student buried in books
1. Continue to remind yourself that this day will pass and tomorrow is a new day.
2. Be realistic about your expectations. Reduce your disappointment factor.
3. Appreciate yourself. Think about all the positive things you are able to accomplish each day.
4. Just smile! The simple act of smiling makes you feel better automatically.
5. Share your stressful day or event with a colleague, friend or family member.
6. Breathe to the power of 10. Take a deep breath to the count of 10.Exhale the same way. Repeat several times.
7. Find something humorous (movie, comic strip, etc.) and laugh. Laughter helps you relax physically and psychologically.
8. Treat yourself to a favorite food.
9. Find something positive in your life to totally focus on for 15 minutes.
10. Decrease stress by learning to talk to yourself in a reassuring way.
11. Sit in total silence for 10 minutes. Close your eyes and transport yourself to another environment. (beach, sailing, cruise ship, etc.)
12. Remind yourself that even when you have no control over certain situations, your attitude is always within your control. It’s our attitude that shapes our experiences.
13. See problems & stressful events as opportunities. Problem solve and grow from them.
14. Try acting or responding in a way that is the exact opposite of your usual behavior.
15. Practice “pace, not race.” Do everything (walk, talk, etc.) at a more relaxed tempo.
16. Analyze your stresses and frustrations. Know what most affects you and try to avoid them.
17. Develop a list of things that make you happy. Read it to yourself several times.
18. Don’t hold your mistakes against yourself. Focus on what you’re doing right. Start fresh and let them go.
19. Change your routine for the rest of the day or the next day.
20. Spend 15 minutes listening to classical or other soothing music.
21. Practice acceptance. Ask yourself what stresses you have the power to change. Those you cannot you must accept.
22. Spend some time with a person or people who make you feel good about yourself.
23. Be “temporarily selfish.” Reserve a little more time just for you.
24. Find a hidden treasure in your day. Search for one positive thing that you may have never noticed before.
25. Replace “I have to” statements with “I choose to” statements. It will relieve pressure and give you a whole new perspective.

Good luck on finals! And try to RELAX! You’re almost there!

— Julie McCloskey

De-stress with a massage

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With all of the recent talk about stress and finals, I find it only appropriate to draw attention to the wonderful MASSAGE THERAPY offered at the IWC. There is a designated room in the IWC for massages with a professional massage table. Students from South East Technical College Massage Therapy Program give the massages. The best part? They are AFFORDABLE for Winona State students! What better way to treat yourself than a massage?

Now that you know about this program, follow these steps to take advantage of the benefits:
1. Go to the Winona State University Bookstore and ask for a Massage Certificate. They are sold at $10 for a 30 minute massage or $20 for a 60 minute massage.
2. Bring the certificate to the IWC’s front desk to make an appointment.
3. Take the appointment reminder card.
4. Go to your appointment and enjoy your wonderful massage.
If you are finding yourself in need of immediate relaxation and can’t wait for your appointment, try following this YouTube video on progressive muscle relaxation. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFwCKKa–18

Hours of the massage therapy department at WSU:
Tuesday 5pm-8pm
Wednesday 4pm-7pm
Thursday 12pm-3pm

-Julie Lundquist

Tests=Stress=Binge Eating: The IWC wants to help you with your finals time eating habits

November 18, 2010 § 1 Comment

With finals near on the horizon, I have found myself enjoying more nights studying with pizza, Hardees, Taco Bell or the ever faithful Wednesday wing nights. Feeling like I needed to make a change, I visited a nutritionist on campus who listened to what I was eating, when I was eating and how much I was eating. We discussed what I could do to help with my current dietary situation. I still get to go out and partake in those yummy cheap wing nights, but I now have set times when I should be eating those larger meals. I’ve been cutting down on how much I eat during my main meals, and in between every meal I’m trying to fit in a healthy snack like an apple or granola bar.

I have also found that Dailyburn.com (which is completely free!) helps me keep track of what I’m eating in a day. It breaks down how many calories I should be consuming of what types of foods and tells me the workout regime I should be trying to apply.

So…If you love eating your zesty ranch wings but are a little worried about how tight your pants are fitting, I recommend you visit the lovely nutritionists in the IWC for all your stressful eating weight gain problems. ☺

And don’t forget how awesomely HUGE the new workout portion of the IWC is!

Hours of operation, health information, and information on nutritionists is available at the Health Services website.

Julie McCloskey

Meet the Fitness Instructors!

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Without further adieu, here are the fitness class instructors to get to know them better!

Winona State University fitness instructor Kayla Sellers

Kayla Sellers

Name: Kayla Sellers

Hometown: Austin, MN

Major/Minor: Elementary Education/ Coaching

Year: 4th Year Senior

What got you to teach WSU fitness classes?: I enjoyed going to the classes so much I thought I would try out to be an instructor.

Favorite Athletic Activity: Dancing or kickboxing. Anything that gets you up and moving.

Classes Taught: Power Hour and Kickboxing

Winona State University fitness instructor Emily Fischer

Emily Fischer

Name: Emily Fischer

Hometown: McHenry, IL

Major/Minor: Exercise Science major with a Nutrition minor

Year: Junior

What got you to teach WSU fitness classes?: I attended classes my freshman year at WSU and I loved it!  The classes were fun and challenging and I really looked up to the instructors teaching the classes.  So when I saw they need additional instructors I tried out for the position.  Also, with being an Exercise Science major, I could use some experience!

Favorite Athletic Activity: Running, Basketball, and Soccer

Classes Taught: Butt and Gut

Winona State University fitness instructor Salena Apikelis

Salena Apikelis

Name: Salena Apikelis

Hometown: Shoreview, MN

Major: Psychology

Year: Senior

What got you to teach WSU Fitness Classes?: I used to go to the classes all the time and I loved them! So when I heard they were having tryouts I figured I might as well try out since I knew all the routines by heart anyways. I was pretty nervous teaching my first class, but I really enjoy instructing.

Favorite Athletic Activity: Tennis and Canoeing

Classes Taught: Butt and Gut and TNT (Tighten and Tone)

Winona State University fitness instructor Chelsea Humpal

Chelsea Humpal

Name:  Chelsea Humpal

Hometown: Decorah, IA

Major/Minor: Cell and Molecular Biology with a Pre-vet scope

Year: Junior

What got you to teach WSU fitness classes?:  I attended some classes Freshman year and really enjoyed them.  I heard that they were holding interviews for a new yoga instructor and I jumped at the opportunity.  I really enjoy doing yoga so I figured why not share my passion with everyone through instructing.

Favorite Athletic Activity: Yoga of course! …and all other sports or outdoor activities!

Classes Taught: Yoga

Winona State University fitness instructor Laura Rusnacko

Laura Rusnacko

Name: Laura Rusnacko

Hometown: Shoreview, MN

Major/Minor: Nursing/Spanish

Year: Junior

What got you to teach WSU fitness classes? I love working out in a group – It makes exercise more fun!

Favorite Athletic Activity: Running & Dancing

Classes Taught: Kickboxing and Butt and Gut

Winona State University fitness instructor Hilary Johnson

Hilary Johnson

Name: Hilary Johnson

Hometown: Ellsworth, WI

Major/Minor: Special Education- learning disabilities and developmental disabilities

Year: Senior

What got you to teach WSU fitness classes? I saw a flyer in the dorms about trying out (when I was a freshman). I did and got the job!

Favorite Athletic Activity: This is hard…. I enjoy a lot of activities, but I love to dance!

Classes Taught: Butt and Gut
Not listed:  Blair with TNT and Butt and Gut Michelle with Yoga

Cassie Hanson

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